What is a liquidity provider?

By definition, a liquidity provider is a company that makes it possible for clients to hedge their financial risks. A LP brings together brokerages, banks, hedge funds, along with investors and various other financial institutions, thus escalating the liquidity of the shared market. We meet the standard definition of a liquidity provider, by providing services for all assets to trade within the Forex market.

The greater the number of clients a liquidity provider provides their service to, the greater the offers that can be delivered. A higher liquidity is desirable, as it reduces the spread, along with the costs associated with trading. LP’s work on both sides of each asset transaction. They sell off and purchase specified financial instruments at set prices. This means that they act as the direct counterparts for all implemented trades along with the trader. In doing so, liquidity providers guarantee the rates at which all of the dealings are hedged.

How does it all work?

Liquidity providers implement a variety of strategies in order to provide the best possible liquidity. Trading departments within the world’s largest financial institutions and brokerage houses, which remain connected to stock exchanges, Electronic Communication Network (ECN) banking systems and other Straight Through Processing (STP) brokers, are continually checking their exposure and calculating their risks. This is done to ensure bid and ask rates with tight spreads and adequate volume for any given asset.

The largest and the most trusted liquidity providers send all the flow to stock exchanges and electronic networks, while also being able to internalize some of the movement provided by their clients. The volumes delivered by their clients are maintainable enough to accomplish the trades in milliseconds, guaranteeing tighter spreads and restricting the possibility of any slippage. Basically, top liquidity providers like us often function in a manner that is similar to MTFs (multilateral trading facilities).


We understand that choosing an LP is an arduous task. Therefore we invite prospective clients to contact us directly to request a detailed breakdown of pricing, economic performance details, and information regarding the efficiency of the trading infrastructure. We can also provide details regarding the supervising of the IT systems, and can discuss with you any of the legal aspects related to being a vendor. Contact us today to learn more!


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